Design Your Own

We love to hear from you,

We created a small collection for the launch of our store, our aim is to use this platform as an opportunity to collaborate with young Australian and global designers, visualise the perfect mix of function vs form and bring their new ideas to life.
We source the materials needed that are equally durable and luxurious: premium metals, sumptuous fabrics and tactile leather. To produce items of flawless quality, we partner with trusted manufacturers and finally, we rigorously check our products to ensure they meet our, your and clients’ exacting quality and style standards.
If you are a jewellery designer, leather lover, or passionate about fashion and accessories, we would love to hear from you.


Dangle Earrings for Women and Men Eccentric Bohemian Skull Earrings Rose Gold plated with multi-faceted stones and a manmade opal. Skull Dangle earrings designed to make you stand out

Bohemian Skull by MyObviously from your design to product